Dust Extraction – Creating the cleanest, most efficient jobsites

A dust extraction system improves the quality of the air in your shop. Your dust extraction system makes the air in your shop breathable and safe by removing particulate matter from the air and environment.

Keeping your work clean has never been so easy thanks to the wide variety of Dust Extractors that Festool offers. The dust extractors feature smooth exteriors, new suction hose ensures everything runs smoothly with improved suction.

Practical features on the mobile dust extractors help improve workplace organization and improve the cleanup process.

The innovative Bluetooth technology works for both occasional clean-up work and when using cordless tools with the Bluetooth battery packs. Combining this with tried and tested benefits is what makes the Festool suction system even more efficient and comfortable – the best ever. And the best is exactly what is required when thinking about your health and your success.

Festool Dust Extractors offer the features and sizes that will work with your tools and target specific jobs.

Here’s an overview of Festool Dust Extraction line. The Festool Live video will help you decide which dust extractor is best for your set up and will answer many other questions about Dust Extraction in general as well as questions related to specific products.

Festool Live Episode 03 – Dust Extraction Video

What’s the difference between the CT 15 & the CT MIDI?

The CT MIDI comes with anti-static hose. The CT 15 comes with a standard hose.

CT MIDI has T-Loc to attach/lock with your systainers.

Both the CT MIDI and the CT 15 have variable suction settings

The CT MIDI is bluetooth enabled. The CT 15 is not.

CT MIDI has a wheel lock.

CT MIDI and the CT 15 have the external blower port to evacuate odor and both come with a HEPA filter.

Can you use the Dust Extractors for Wet extraction? How?

Yes. The dust extractor has a sensor that triggers automatic shut off with water level.

  1. Take out the bag
  2. Take out the HEPA filter. Replace with foam breaker.

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