Festool is revolutionizing workplace organization again!

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Systainer³ connects the workshop and the construction site

Quick and efficient transportation of all
tools and materials in the workshop and
on the construction site – everything on
hand and organized in the best possible

Tools, accessories and consumables
are optimally protected, clearly stored
and easy to transport in the Systainer³.
Thanks to the T-LOC, it can be closed,
opened and connected in a single

Systainer³ products are compatible with
one another and can be connected to all
previous Systainer generations, most
mobile dust extractors and many other
system accessories.

M and L Systainer³ product details

Systainer3 Category
Systainer3 Category
FESTOOL Systainer³ Tool SYS3 TB M 137 204865
FESTOOL Systainer³

Ergonomic transportation

The front carrying handle allows
for ergonomic carrying close to
the body. For Systainer3 M 112,
M 137, M 187 and L 137.

Open, close, connect with a single turn

All Systainer³ can be connected to one another and to other
generations. The content is accessible at all times, without
having to disconnect them first.

A tidy storage system

Systainer³ units can be connected to many other system accessories, e.g. mobile dust extractors.

Practical pull-out aid

With the Systainer³ heights 237, 337 and 437, the pull-out aid
ensures that the Systainer can be easily removed from a rack.

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Systainer³ XXL product details

FESTOOL Systainer SYS3 XXL 204850, 204851
FESTOOL Systainer SYS3 XXL 204850, 204851
FESTOOL Systainer SYS3 XXL 204850, 204851
FESTOOL Systainer SYS3 XXL 204850, 204851

Secure connection

Systainer³ XXL products can
be connected to each other, as
well as to all Systainer³ and
Systainer T-LOC products and
the SYS-Cart.

Safe transport

Thanks to the integrated latch,
the content of the Systainer³ can
be locked securely.

Professional appearance

From the workshop to the
construction site – always
perfectly organized. Your
customers will be impressed too.

Recessed grip and pull-out aid

The ergonomic recessed grip
makes it easy to remove and to
carry the Systainer³ XXL.

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