Back Ordered Product Report

Updated 09/10/21

Many of these products are already in queue to be shipped directly to us, so you won’t have to wait as long as the Festool estimated delivery time shows. However, orders placed are first come first serve, so we advise you to keep your order in queue.

Other products not on this list may be back ordered.

To confirm the status of a product please call our office at (904) 619-7935

ITEM DESCRIPTION Estimated delivery time from order confirmation

Recent Past SKU
Current SKU
DESCRIPTIONProjected Backorder LengthApproximate Expected Delivery
 575306Saw KS 120 REB USA 30 wksEarly Apr
 561756Saw HK 55EQ Cir. Saw Unavailable until further notice 
 576011Saw TS 55 REQ F Plus26 wksEarly Mar
 576718Saw TSC 55 KEBI-F-Plus US29 wksEarly Apr
 575389Saw TS 75 EQ F PlusUnavailable until further notice 
 575280CT SYS USA 6 wksLate Oct
 574831CT 15 E HEPA11 wks Late Nov
574930577083CT 26 E HEPA USA 5 wksLate Oct
574935577084CT 36 E HEPA USA5 wksLate Oct
 576760CT 36 E AC HEPA US5 wksLate Oct
574938577085CT 48 E HEPA USA14 wksLate Dec
 576761CT 48 E AC HEPA US7 wksLate Oct
 574837CT MIDI I HEPA USA11 wksLate Nov
 574845CT MINI I HEPA USAUnavailable until further notice 
 576098Drill CXS Li 2.6Ah7 wksLate Oct
 576444Drill C18 Compact Set6 wksLate Oct
 576107Drill TXS Li 2.6 Set – Cordless13 wksEarly Dec
 576457Drill T18 Compact Set 6 wksLate Oct
 576039 Jigsaw PS 300 EQ-Plus17 wksEarly Jan
 576192Jigsaw PSB 420 EBQ – Plus13 wksEarly Dec
 576531Jigsaw PSBC 420 Basic13 wksEarly Dec
 576535Jigsaw PSBC Set21 wksEarly Feb
 576527Jigsaw PSC Set21 wksEarly Feb
 574432Domino DF 500 Set30 wksEarly Apr
 574332Domino DF 50032 wksLate Apr
 574422Domino DF 70032 wksLate Apr
 574447Domino DF 700 Set34 wksEarly May
 576204Router OF 1010 EQ-F-Plus US26 wksEarly Mar
 574692Router OF 1400 Imp.24 wksLate Feb
 574689Router OF 2200 Imp.26 wksEarly Mar
 574456Router MFK 70026 wksEarly Mar
 574368Router MFK 700 EQ Set21 wksEarly Feb
 576061Sander DTS 40021 wksEarly Feb
575383576358Sander DTSC 400 Li Basic USA17 wksEarly Jan
575706576367Sander DTSC 400 Li 3,1 I-PlusUS21 wksEarly Feb
 575707Sander DTSC 400 Li 3,1 I-Set US21 wksEarly Feb
 576070Sander ETS 12526 wksEarly Mar
 576079Sander ETS 150/3 EQ-Plus US26 wksEarly Mar
 576088Sander ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus US23 wksLate Feb
 576340Sander ETS EC 125/3 EQ-Plus USA26 wksEarly Mar
 576326Sander ETS EC 150/3 EQ-Plus28 wksLate Mar
 576339Sander ETS EC 150/5 EQ-Plus34 wksEarly May
575384576822Sander ETSC 125 Li Basic30 wksEarly Apr
575715576378Sander ETSC 125 Li 3,1 I-Plus32 wksLate Apr
 575716Sander ETSC 125 Li 3,1 I-Set34 wksEarly May
 576054Sander RTS 40025 wksEarly Mar
575727576356Sander RTSC 400 Li 3,1 I-PlusUS30 wksEarly Apr
 575728Sander RTSC 400 Li 3,1 I-Set US26 wksEarly Mar
571823576263Sander RO 9022 wksEarly Feb
 576032Sander RO 12526 wksEarly Mar
 576028Sander RO 150 FEQ-Plus20 wksLate Jan
 575994Sander LHS 2 225 EQI-Plus US Planex17 wksEarly Jan
 576590Oscillator OSC 18 HPC4,0 EI-Set 15 wksLate Dec
 575423Grinder RG 130 E-Plus13 wksEarly Dec
 574609KA 65 Conturo Edge Bander8 wksEarly Nov
 571011Rotary polisher RAP 150-21 FE 17 wksEarly Jan
 201065VAC SYS SE 120 wksLate Jan
 580062VAC SYS SE 220 wksLate Jan
 203149Clamping module VAC SYS System Set20 wksLate Jan
***not accepting new orders 
 205601***Combo US TID B/TSC SUnavailable until further notice 
 205602***Combo US TID B/HKC S/FSUnavailable until further notice 
 205603***Combo US TID C/PSC BUnavailable until further notice 
 205604***Combo US TID B/T18/TSC S/PSC BUnavailable until further notice 
 205605***Combo US TID B/PDC/OSC B/HKC S/FSUnavailable until further notice 
 203158Router table CMS-GE Set13 wksEarly Dec
 769967Light DUO-Plus Working light 6 wksLate Oct
 495388Saw Blade Universal, KAPEX8 wksEarly Nov
 497145Abr Granat D125 P40 10X6 wksLate Oct
 499133Abr Rub2 100×150 P40 50X8 wksEarly Nov
 200060Adhesive black color 48x, KA 656 wksLate Oct
 202480Battery 18 Li 5.2 ASI6 wksLate Oct
 577072Chuck  KC 13-1/2 MMFP Keyless12 wksEarly Dec
 577100Connect. sleeve D 36 DM-AS-B-LHS 22518 wksEarly Jan
 202097CT-F I/M SET6 wksLate Oct
 491068Cutter dowel drill HW D8/3010 wksLate Nov
 499811Cutter Perfect Edge R1, MFK70014 wksLate Dec
 494863DOMINO Sipo 10X24X50 6 wksLate Oct
 498692DOMINO Sipo 12×750/226 wksLate Oct
 494862DOMINO Sipo 8X22X50 6 wksLate Oct
 580063Foot Valve VAC SYS FV11 wksLate Nov
 202458Fusion-Tec MJ Pad Soft D15019 wksLate Jan
 495965Hand Sanding block – 150mm soft18 wksEarly Jan
 203154Hand Sanding Block Set, 6″ soft, 6″ hard22 wksEarly Feb
 203150Kapex Blade Set8 wksEarly Nov
 202098Remote control  CT-F I6 wksLate Oct
 485648Sanding base 115×225 14 wksLate Dec
 490166Sanding pad 0.4 inch, LS13020 wksLate Jan
 492280Sanding pad 5″, soft6 wksLate Oct
 490162Sanding pad 90Gr., LS1306 wksLate Oct
 490161Sanding pad flat, LS13014 wksLate Dec
 492127Sanding pad hard D5, RO1256 wksLate Oct
 491197Sanding pad R10 concave, LS13020 wksLate Jan
 491198Sanding pad R10 konvex, LS13020 wksLate Jan
 490165Sanding pad R25 concave, LS13020 wksLate Jan
 490167Sanding pad R25 convex, LS1308 wksEarly Nov
 492286Sanding Pad Soft D1256 wksLate Oct
 492125Sanding pad soft D5, RO1256 wksLate Oct
 202462Sanding pad SSoft D6″, RO150FEQ6 wksLate Oct
 577101Suction hose    D 36×3,5-AS/KS/B/LHS 22518 wksEarly Jan
 201064VAC Pump VAC-PMP7 wksLate Oct